There is no good war and there is no bad peace

As a father of a seven-year-old, I carry a deep sadness within me as violence continues to rage in the Middle East, yet I know it pales in comparison to the anguish of Israeli and Palestinian parents who have faced the unthinkable loss of their children. My heart breaks for them, and it drives me to seek what is right and just. As someone aspiring to represent the diverse fabric of Michigan in the U.S. Senate, I’ve had the privilege to engage with leaders who represent both impacted communities—people I hold in high esteem and affection. What I know is this: there is absolutely no room for Antisemitism, Islamophobia, or any form of discrimination and hatred—in Michigan, in this country, or anywhere in the world.

The answers to ensure long-term peace and security for Israelis and Palestinians are neither simple nor pain-free, but one truth stands firm: violence against defenseless children, trapped and frightened, is abhorrent, regardless of who is behind it. Every child, every family in every corner of the globe, has equal worth, and their safety is a responsibility we cannot ignore.

We must find the courage and empathy to talk, to listen, to understand—especially with those with whom we disagree. We must advocate for peace. This is the essence of moral courage. It’s the foundation for lasting solutions, because a future built on the harm of children is no future at all. Alongside many voices, I call for a humanitarian ceasefire now.