Jobs and Economic Dignity

Workers are the backbone of Michigan’s economy. It’s time that we protect, respect, and pay them what they’re owed to ensure that one job is enough.

Raise the Wage

$10.10 is a starvation wage. Too many hardworking Michiganders are forced to choose between food or rent. That’s why Hill is taking the fight for wage justice straight to Washington, and will work towards increasing the federal minimum wage to $15 per hour.

Workers’ Rights

As a union member himself, Hill understands the value in organized labor. That’s why he will fight to strengthen collective bargaining and support a worker’s right to organize.

Supporting Small Business

Small businesses employ 1.8 million people in Michigan, accounting for 49.2% of the state’s private-sector workforce. But more small businesses closed their doors for good in Michigan in the last three years than in any other state. As the proud owner of a coffee shop himself, Hill knows the challenges of opening up a business. That’s why he’ll fight for every Michigander to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams with the aid they need to reach their goals. That means working to provide access to low-interest loans, technical assistance, and training programs, while fighting to streamline the confusing, bureaucratic processes that keep so many budding entrepreneurs from pursuing their ventures.

More Priorities