Eternal Vigilance, Eternal Gratitude: Saluting Our Veterans

In the silent watches of the night and across the broad daylight, whether in times of peace or the tempest of war, your unwavering commitment has been the shield that has guarded our nation. To the families who have stood strong through the absence of your loved ones, your quiet strength has been the unsung harmony to the melody of our veterans’ service.

On this Veterans Day, let’s pause in the rush of our lives to truly contemplate the magnitude of sacrifice made by those in uniform. We offer not just words of thanks but a cascade of deep, abiding gratitude that flows from the heart of Michigan to wherever you or your family may be. Thank you for bearing the weight of our collective freedom. Thank you for the days and nights you’ve given.

Michigan holds you in an embrace of pride and respect, not just on this day, but in the continuum of every day that dawns. The courage you’ve shown and the values you’ve defended are the very epitome of the American spirit.

Our pledge to you transcends the bounds of this Veterans Day—it is a perpetual promise. We dedicate ourselves to ensuring you have access to the support you need to weave your invaluable skills, experiences, and perspectives back into the fabric of civilian life. Be it through healthcare, education, or career opportunities, we commit to standing by your side, just as you have stood for us.

Our debt to you is immeasurable, a solemn balance that remains eternally in your favor. Yet, we offer this pledge as a token of our boundless appreciation: to serve you with the same fidelity with which you’ve served our nation.

To all our veterans, with humility and the highest honor, we thank you. Your example is the beacon we follow as we aspire to uplift others and to embody the selflessness you have demonstrated through your service.

Happy Veterans Day.