UAW’s Neutrality in Senate Primary: A Testament to Hill Harper’s Growing Support

Detroit, MI – In a remarkable turn of events that underscores the dynamic nature of Michigan’s political landscape, the United Auto Workers (UAW) has chosen not to endorse a candidate in the highly anticipated U.S. Senate primary race. This decision highlights the respect the union holds for both of the major contenders in this Democratic primary, recognizing them as friends of labor.

The UAW’s stance, shaped by direct feedback from its members and shared during a recent political conference in Washington, D.C., reflects a commitment to democracy and member autonomy. This development suggests that the race is far from decided and that union members are encouraged to support the candidate who best aligns with their vision for Michigan’s future.

Hill Harper, with his genuine connection to the community and his advocacy for key issues like child care and criminal justice reform, has notably resonated with UAW members across regions. Laura Dickerson, director of UAW Region 1A, expressed enthusiastic support for Harper among her members, emphasizing his relatability and commitment to restoring African American representation in Michigan’s congressional delegation—a presence sorely missed for the first time in over five decades.

While some regions, such as UAW Region 1D, have historically supported other candidates, the union’s overall neutrality speaks to the diverse perspectives within its ranks. Steve Dawes, director of Region 1D, highlighted the union’s respect for member choice in such a competitive landscape, allowing for a rich tapestry of individual support to emerge.

As Michigan approaches the primary on August 6, the UAW’s decision not to endorse underscores the significance of grassroots engagement and the power of individual choice in shaping the political narrative. Hill Harper’s campaign, rooted in authenticity and driven by a passion for service, continues to gain momentum, appealing to a broad spectrum of voters eager for meaningful change.

This moment in the Senate race not only highlights the importance of labor support in Michigan politics but also sets the stage for a truly democratic primary process, where every voice has the power to influence the outcome.

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