Hill Harper Announces Endorsement From Lori Goldman, Renowned Community Leader and Political Activist

January 9, 2024
Contact: press@hillharper.com

Detroit, MI — Today, Hill Harper, candidate for U.S. Senate in Michigan, proudly announces that he has received the endorsement of Lori Goldman, a renowned community leader and political activist. Lori’s influence is widely respected, and she is best known for founding Fems for Dems, an independent political action committee based in Michigan that has been pivotal in shaping the political landscape. Lori’s commitment to social justice, equality, and community empowerment has been an inspiration to many, and her endorsement brings a wealth of experience, passion, and dedication to the campaign.

“Hill Harper is the Dem I support and the candidate we all need to elect in order for progress, fairness, and integrity to take seed and grow in Washington!” stated Goldman. 

In response to the endorsement, Hill Harper expressed his gratitude, saying, “I am so grateful to Lori for believing in our vision and journey to create meaningful change in politics. Her endorsement is not only of our campaign’s values, but also a call to action for all who believe in a better future. Lori’s remarkable track record in mobilizing communities and advocating for progressive causes amplifies the strength of our campaign. Together, with her support and guidance, we will continue our work with even greater determination.”

Hill Harper is a candidate for the U.S. Senate aiming to provide Michiganders with economic security and real representation, prioritizing people over lobbyists and wealthy donors. A lawyer, actor, union organizer, and single father who owns a popular coffee shop in Detroit, Harper was raised in the Midwest by two doctors. He learned the value of public service early, a commitment he has maintained throughout his diverse career, from Harvard Law School to acting and as a key surrogate for President Barack Obama. His service-oriented journey includes sitting on Obama’s Cancer Panel, writing empowering books for marginalized young people, and founding a charity for youth scholarships and mentorships. Harper’s Senate run is driven by a recognition that we need elected leaders who prioritize public service over personal ambition.