12/4 Weekly Update From The Campaign

Happy December everyone! It was a busy week for Team Harper. In addition to our local events, Hill has been making the rounds on national TV to talk about the campaign, his vision for Michigan and the importance of getting money out of politics. Videos are included below.

Huge shoutout to our incredible supporters and volunteers that have been doing amazing work gathering signatures to get Hill on the ballot! There are only a few  weeks left in 2023, but we have so many upcoming opportunities for volunteers. Check below to find our next event near you and help us finish the year strong.

Last Week’s Highlights:

11/28 The ReidOut – MSNBC

Hill spoke with Joy Reid about the corrupting influence of money in politics, his commitment to campaign finance reform, and the phone call during which he was offered $20 million to drop out of the Senate race and run against Rep. Rashida Tlaib.
“This isn’t about one call or one wealthy donor, it’s about the system that allows calls like this to happen”

11/30 Interview with The Root

Hill sat down with Jessica Washington from The Root for a deep-dive into how the influence of money is corrupting our democracy.

“The big question is, why are we allowing a system to exist that allows special interests, big corporate interests, and lobbies to hold more power than the people.”

12/2 First of All – CNN

Hill talked with Victor Blackwell about “the call” when he was offered $20 million to drop out of the Senate race and run against Rep. Rashida Tlaib.
“I’m not going to be bossed, bullied, or bought. I’m running to represent the people.”

12/3 Symone – MSNBC

Hill was interviewed by Symone Sanders-Townsend, the host of MSNBC’s ‘Symone’ to discuss his vision for Michigan and why he is the best candidate for the US Senate.
“I’m running to disempower the lobbies and empower the people.”

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