Hill Harper’s People-Powered Campaign Surpasses $1 Million Between July & September

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Friday, October 13, 2023

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Hill Harper’s People-Powered Campaign Surpasses $1 Million Between July & September

Campaign’s first financial disclosure reveals momentum behind people-powered campaign and first time candidate

DETROIT, MICHIGAN — The Hill Harper for Senate campaign announced today that it has raised over $1 Million in the third quarter, revealing strong grassroots support and momentum behind Harper’s nontraditional candidacy.  Over 5,000 unique donors contributed to the campaign between July 11 and September 30, for an average supporter donation of less than $100.  

“This campaign is about the people of Michigan and the need to build and cultivate a movement of inclusivity, understanding, and collective action to improve conditions and opportunities for working families,” said Harper. “Over the past quarter, we’ve sought to uplift voices across Michigan with thousands of volunteers to make sure that folks feel heard, valued, and represented, and this is reflected in our disclosure.”

A Detroit small business owner, union member, lawyer, author, and actor, Harper has long advocated for a variety of progressive and pro-labor causes. His candidacy for the United States Senate is rooted in a lifetime devoted to championing better economic opportunity for working families.

The campaign’s focus has been on direct engagement with voters across Michigan’s 83 counties. Said Harper, “Our success so far is the culmination of meeting people where they are and listening to them. This is a nontraditional campaign that’s being driven by the concerns and priorities of Michiganders. Being on the ground day in and day out, I can feel the momentum building.”



With a multifaceted career spanning from activism, entrepreneurship, writing and acting.Hill Harper has devoted his platform to advocating for social justice, educational access, and economic empowerment. His Senate campaign stands as a manifestation of his lifelong commitment to uplifting communities, confronting systemic inequalities, and driving tangible, impactful change.