Hill Harper Launches Campaign for U.S. Senate

DETROIT – In a video message posted Monday morning, community leader, small business owner and actor Hill Harper launched a campaign for U.S. Senate, vowing to bring Michigan active, energetic representation focused on people instead of special interests and wealthy campaign donors.

“The ‘triple blue’ leadership in Lansing have done hard work moving our state forward, but Washington, DC is still broken,” said Hill Harper. “Whether you drive an Uber, work in a hospital or teach in our schools, we all feel the impacts of a broken health care system, a crumbling democracy, and the urgent crisis of climate change. Without energized, bold leadership in the U.S. Senate, our state will continue to be held back from achieving our full potential. We deserve better than politics as usual, and that’s why I’m running for U.S. Senate – to be an independent voice to fight for all Michiganders, instead of just special interests and big dollar donors.”

Harper’s progressive campaign is built on the principles of social justice and economic dignity. His platform advocates for policies that support small businesses, protect and expand workers’ rights, and ensure that quality healthcare is accessible and affordable for every resident of Michigan. Harper has pledged not to take a dime of corporate PAC money, instead relying on grassroots donations. If elected, Harper would be the only current union member in the U.S. Senate.

“As I’ve traveled across the state, talking with Michiganders in union halls, at farmers markets, or at their own kitchen table, it’s become clear they want a fighter and someone who will build a campaign powered by the people,” added Harper.

Harper’s passion for public service came early in life, raised in the Midwest by two doctors who taught Hill that his purpose was to make life better for everyone. That passion for service took him to the campus of Harvard Law School, to the campaign trail as a top surrogate for his classmate President Barack Obama, and to the White House where he sat on the President’s Cancer Panel. Over the course of his career, Harper has also written several best-selling books aimed at empowering marginalized young people, and established a charitable foundation that helps young people achieve their dreams through scholarships, mentorships and grants. 

For more information about Hill Harper’s campaign for the U.S. Senate, visit www.hillharper.com.